Our premier program combines boxing, kickboxing, strength and cross training into a high-energy 60 minute workout were everyone is welcome.

Twin Cities Kick Fitness professionally designed class includes a combination of strength training, resistance training, and cardio, to help our members get the best work out possible. Workout programming is science based and builds from one day to the next. Don’t feel like you need to be an elite athlete to come train with us! Our trainers are always there to progress and/or regress exercises according to each individual’s ability level and goals.

Our ever-changing, formulated workout is focused so that you will ever hit a fitness plateau. No matter what level you’re at - our trainers will accommodate you to ensure you’re getting the best workout for your individual body type. Classes have the ability to learn and grow their fitness aspirations and will always be educated and motivated in working towards their wellness. We want to help you get into the best shape of your life!

Twin Cities Fitness is available six days a week.
Check our schedule for days and times.